Our Forest Stands

Due to the geographical conditions we have various species of trees in the territory of our company. The value of these growing stocks is increased by the fact that 78 % of them are natural and natural-like forests with autochtonous species of trees. In our pages we shall give more details about the types of stands that can be found in the silviculture regions of the Ormánság, the Zselic and the Mecsek Hills. 


It is a plain dominated by flood soils and flood forest-soils formed from the alluvial deposits of the ancient River Dráva (Drave). On this area of excellent water management, as early as the age of the Árpád dynasty kings, contiguous forests, six times larger than today, stretched out here containing groves of oak, ash-tree and elm, together with flood area forests of soft-wood.

The most valuable growing stocks are in the hornbeam and peduncular oak forests and the groves of oak and elm-tree. From ecological aspect the groves of willow, poplar and alder are of great importance. The share of meritorious poplar forests is only 5 %. It is worth mentioning that near the villages Szentegát and Bürüs there are hornbeam and peduncular oak forests mixed with flatland beech renewing on a natural way. The existence of beech-trees in this particular area has already been documented in a field record in 1267.



It is a hilly land formed in the Pannonian Age divided by wide ridges and gently slopingvalleys stretching from north to south. Soil types dominating this region are brown soil and brown forest soil formed on loess.

The beech- and hornbeam-oak forests of excellent quality and growth are important stands concerning silviculture. There are Turkey oaks and locust trees in dryer places. The share of poplars and pines together is 9 %.

The most valuable native tree growing stock in the Zselic region is the silver linden-tree naturally associated with beeches at fresh places forming stands of great wood-yield.


The Mecsek is an inselberg stretching from east to west and as a watershed it determines the division of tree-species in the area. The southern slope of the hills are dominated by karstic bush forests and dry stands of oak and Turkey oak.
Species on the northern slopes are more diversified with extrazonal stocks of beech, stands of beech mixed with oak and stocks of oak mixed with hornbeam. These are the most valuable growing stocks of our company in the hill region. As we can found here natural forests having a 88 % share of native tree species, it is regarded as a forest block with the most favourable conditions considering the multi-purpose utilisation of our forest.

Mecsekerdő Zrt.