Geographical Location

Our limited company is among the forestries of Hungary that work in very diversified geographical conditions. Diversity originates in the harmonious attachment of different terrain features which is particularly characteristic of South-Transdanubia.
The Southern border of our silviculture territory is the River Dráva(Drave) which is the state border as well. It is a zone of flood area forests at 100-110 meters above sea level. This region is known as "Ormánság" with sand hills in certain parts.
North-west of Ormánság lies the "Zselic" region in Somogy county. It is a hilly land geographically formed in the Pannonian Age with an average height of 130-140 meters. The greatest inselberg of South-Transdanubia is the range of Mecsek Hills - exceptionally rich in natural values - stretching from east to west.
The major valleys of the Mecsek Hills are significantly of north-south direction with a main valley dividing the hills into Western- and the Eastern-Mecsek. The hills are 400-600 meters above sea level.

Mecsekerdő Zrt.